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Simple and Fair Pricing

I need to monitor 1 domain, 1 000 URLs

In all of our plans we allow to monitor 1000 urls per domain. This way you get control over all your most strategic pages : the various templates, the most visited pages, pages with high turnover, etc.

However you can monitor more urls if needed :

Pro Agency

15,00 € / month

22,00 € / month

Core features
24/7 SEO monitoring
Regression tracking
Real-time alerting
Manual page crawls Unlimited Unlimited
SEO Audits
Uptime monitoring)
Advanced features
Core Web Vitals Monitoring
Data retention 6 months 12 months
Custom elements monitoring Add-on Add-on
Monitoring from FR
Monitoring from US, UK, EU
Expert analysis
HTTP Headers snapshots Add-on
HTTP Body snapshots Add-on
Intégration slack Slack
Google Search Console
Google Data Studio
Chat support
Email support
Phone support
Dedicated Success Manager
Custom training Add-on Add-on